Bayside Bar & Grille

We’re excited to present the Bayside Bar & Grille, situated on the scenic deck and patio of the Chequessett Club. 

 This new addition offers a selection of classic Cape Cod dishes alongside a variety of summer drinks. In celebration, members will benefit from a food and beverage credit included in their membership package. This credit, the amount of which is determined by your membership tier, can be used throughout the year of your membership. Enjoy this perk at the Bayside Bar & Grille, as well as at the ProShop (for food and drinks), the Beach Club, Thursday Night, and at other social gatherings. 

Please note, the Food & Beverage Credit is valid until October 31, 2024.

Food & Beverage Credit

Associate Couple$125.00
Associate Family$150.00
Associate Individual$50.00
Family Tennis & P.B.$100.00
Individual Tennis & P.B.$50.00
Full Couple$175.00
Full Family$200.00
Full Individual$100.00
Golf Afternoon Individual$50.00
Golf Afternoon Couple$100.00
Golf Afternoon Associate$50.00
Social Individual$50.00
Social Couple$100.00
Young AdultN/A
One Month Individual$25.00
One Month – Family$50.00
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