Sailing & Waterfront

Since its establishment in 1929, the Chequessett Club has been a beacon for waterfront enthusiasts, with its history steeped in maritime traditions. From thrilling sailboat regattas featuring large fleets competing against the backdrop of the club’s history, to anglers landing prize-winning catches off its pristine, white sand beaches, the club has long been a center for aquatic adventure. These rich traditions continue to thrive, with generations of families launching from the club’s private beachfront facilities to explore the waters. Exclusive to its members, the Chequessett Club provides a diverse array of watercraft for rent, including sailboats, stand-up paddleboards, and kayaks, ensuring a personalized water-based recreation experience. The club is committed to the well-being and safety of its members, encouraging responsible use of all its facilities and equipment. Members have the unique opportunity to either take lessons to refine their skills or rent equipment for their next seafaring adventure, all from the club’s magnificent waterfront location. Complimentary parking is available in two lots adjacent to the street-level clubhouse, with seamless access to the beach, emphasizing the ease and exclusivity of the club’s offerings. This membership privilege affirms the Chequessett Club’s dedication to fostering memorable and safe experiences on the water for all its members. 


Cape Cod Bay tides fill and empty our waterfront every day. Get an instant daily rundown of optimal boating times.

Hours of Operation

Open Thursday – Sunday by appointment only until September 2, 2024

For Inquiries, email

Kayak Summer Storage

The Chequessett Club offers its members the convenience of storing their kayaks rights at the club’s beach, ensuring they’re always ready for an impromptu paddle or a serene excursion on the water. Allocated on the right side of the beach, storage space for 27 kayaks is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, embodying the club’s ethos of accessibility and community. Starting from Memorial Day weekend, members are welcome to store their kayaks (up to 2 per member), with the understanding that all the kayaks must be removed by October 1. It’s important for members to note that while this amenity adds to the ease of enjoying the bay, all kayaks are stored at the owner’s risk and must have proper identification on them. To secure a spot for a season, members are required to reach out via email to reserve, ensuring a seamless and organized experience for everyone looking to take advantage of this offering.

For Inquiries, email

Beach Club

The Beach Club at Chequessett Golf Club offers an exclusive retreat for its members, where relaxation meets the stunning backdrop of the bay. This serene spot is meticulously arranged with comfortable loungers, shaded umbrellas, and tables, inviting members to unwind and soak up the beautiful scenery. As a part of their membership privileges, guests can indulge in a selection of snacks and drinks available for purchase, enhancing their leisure experience. Whether looking to enjoy a quiet afternoon reading by the water or gather with friends for a sun-drenched get-together, the Beach Club provides a perfect blend of amenities and natural beauty, making it a cherished aspect of the Chequessett Golf Club experience.

Private Lessons

At Chequessett Club, members have the exclusive opportunity to embark on private sailing lessons, designed to enrich their nautical knowledge and skills. With a team of trained staff at the helm, participants are introduced to the essential vocabulary of sailing, the intricacies of operation, and critical boating safety protocols. These lessons are tailored to cater to the individual’s pace and skill level, ensuring a comprehensive and personal learning experience on the water. Available by appointment only, these private lessons underscore the club’s commitment to providing unique, members-only privileges, fostering a deeper connection with the maritime world in a safe and structured environment.

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